How to Create Your Own Website?

A website is your business’s digital identity and extremely important for small businesses in the UK to acquire local customers for boosting sales. Let’s learn how to create your own website in 3 simple steps without spending hundreds of pounds.

Choose a Domain Name – Choosing the right domain name is the first step towards creating your own website. A domain is like an address for your website that users would use to access your website on the web.

You must choose a unique domain name for your small business website so that it is easier for your customers to remember and access your website.

You can choose and book your domain name through domain name registrars such as, or as these are some of the most popular domain registrars in the world.

A domain name is cheap and simple to book and could cost you £5 to £20 a year. It takes few minutes to book a domain name for your website.

Find a WordPress Website Template – Why WordPress template? Well, you will find that answer in the step number 3. WordPress enables you to create your own website without much of a technical knowledge. 

WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management Systems) that enables setting up dynamic websites with beautiful design within minutes. 

It as built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to edit the pre-designed website templates like a pro. 

You can easily find free WordPress Website Templates on, or

You can download a free theme of your choice that suits your business. WordPress themes come in a zip file format that you can simply upload to your WordPress Admin and you are ready to launch your website in the next few minutes.

Choose a Web Hosting – A web hosting service allows you to host your website files on a remote server that makes it possible for the users to access your website on the internet or you can say a web hosting makes your website accessible on the world wide web.

Finding a good web hosting service provider is the last step towards creating your own website as it will make it easy for your start with the WordPress installation and hosting process.

 Now a days mostly all the website hosting service providers have one click WordPress installation that allows non-technical individuals to install WordPress without any hassles. Just one click and you are good to go. 

Web hosting can cost you somewhere between £5 – £20 per month depending on your requirements such as store space, bandwidth, server configurations and backup services etc.

Some of the reliable and popular web hosting service providers are:, and .

Create your own website for you small business following the above steps and take your small business online without burning your pocket. It’s simple, fun and addictive to create a website.

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